Wykamol Group Limited

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For over 80 years the Wykamol Group has been the market leader in the field of property renovation and repair.

Starting way back with our founder devising a chemical treatment for the eradication of insect attack in timber, our product range has evolved and grown to become the broadest range of property repair and renovation solutions under one umbrella anywhere in the UK.

Our unrivalled range includes products for use in basement waterproofing, damp treatment, gas proofing, wood preservation and protection, cellar conversions and tanking.

Such is the strength of our name, Wykamol products are now distributed and used throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australia.

CM Cavity Drainage Membranes

Cavity Drain CM3, CM8 & CM20 are used as internal cavity drainage membrane systems, to collect water entering the structure.  Cavity Drain CM3, CM8 & CM20 are typically used in basements and sub-structures, to channel water ingress to a sump or collection point for disposal. Cavity Drain CM20 is a 1mm thick high density polyethylene (HDPE) profiled sheet, with 20mm high studs. Cavity Drain CM8 is a 0.5mm thick HDPE profiled sheet, with approximately 8mm high studs. Cavity Drain CM3 is a 1mm thick high density polyethylene (HDPE) profiled sheet, with 3mm high studs.

GP Titan Bond Membranes

The Titan Bond range of products are used in conjunction with reinforced concrete structures to provide a combined gas and waterproofing solution for subterranean structures.  GP TITAN Bond is a pre-applied, fully bonded gas and waterproofing membrane,  GP TITAN Tank is a self-adhesive gas and waterproofing membrane which can be post applied to horizontal or vertical surfaces, GP TITAN Liquid Gas Barrier offers a simple, continuous, passive gas prevention barrier against the ingree of methane, carbon dioxide, radon, ground gases, VOCs, air and moisture into buildings.

HydraDRY Tanking Slurry

HydraDry is a BBA and WRAS Approved, cementitious waterproofing slurry, designed for application to the surfaces of walls and associated solid floors, which could be subject to penetrating dampness.

HydraDRY Waterstop

HydraDry WaterStop is a rapid setting, expanding, plugging and repair mortar. When mixed with clean water and applied correctly, it is designed to plug active water leaks and seepage in concrete and masonry.

SumpFlo Twin

The SumpFlo Twin BBPS Kit comprises of a polythylene tank, OPTIONAL locking access cover, (pedestrian duty, not suitable for roadways) and TWO powerful submersible pumps. The system is very versatile, enabling the installer to located inlets to their specifications.

The system comes complete with a battery back-up pump system, which is designed especially for where the possibility of primary pump failure, through either a pump fault or loss of mains power, would be catastrophic. The system acts as a back-up that will alert the end user if the water rises above the normal operating level within the tank, and will activate a 24V back-up pump.


Lee Richardson
Senior Project Engineer - Laing O'Rourke